Stat XP cost
Raise Attribute Current x 4
New Ability 3
Raise Ability Current x 2*
Buy or Raise Background Totem (shifter): 2
Totem (mage): 6
Other: 3 for first dot, then current x 3**
Raise Willpower Current
Buy or Raise Merit 3 per dot***
Buy Off or Lower Flaw 2 per dot***

* Raising abilities above 3 is limited to one per month per PC (not per ability)
** Generalized from M20 336, limited to one per month per background ('+rules buying backgrounds' for full details)
*** House rule, also requires IC justification

Vampire / Ghoul


References: V20 124, 499

Stat XP cost
New Discipline* Vampire: 10
Ghoul: 20
Raise Discipline In-clan: Current x 5
Out of clan: Current x 7
Caitiff/Pander: Current x 6**
Ghoul, in-clan: Current x 15***
Ghoul, out-of-clan: Current x 25***
New Secondary Path (Thaumaturgy etc.) Vampire: 7
Ghoul: 20
Raise Secondary Path (Thaumaturgy etc.) Vampire: Current x 4
Ghoul: Current x 15
Raise Virtue Current x 2
Raise Path Rating Current x 2
New Ritual (Thaumaturgy etc). see Learning Rituals

* Out of clan requires drinking a point of blood from a PC vampire teacher, and is limited to common disciplines ('+rules buying disciplines' for full details)
** Overrides the above costs
*** Requires "Domitor (background)" ('+rules ghouls' for full details)


Costs are house rules

Stat XP cost
New numina or psychic power 7
Raise numina or psychic power Current x 7

Shifter / Kinfolk


References: W20 244, 383; Kinfolk20 65

Stat XP cost
New Gift Shifter, in-breed/auspice/tribe: Level x 3
Shifter, out of breed/auspice/tribe: Level x 5
Kinfolk*, in-breed/tribe: 15
Kinfolk, out of breed/tribe: 20
New Rite see Learning Rituals
Raise Rage Current
Raise Gnosis Current x 2

* Also requires learning from a spirit (or Garou, costs +5 XP).
Limited to level 1.
Gifts requiring Gnosis are only available to kinfolk with Gnosis.
Gifts requiring Rage are not available to kinfolk.


References: U:tVS 153

Stat XP cost
New or Raise Power Sum of current powers * 3



Reference: M20 336

Stat XP cost
New Sphere 10
Raise Sphere Affinity: Current x 7
Other: Current x 8
Arete Current x 8*

* Also requires Seeking and subject to '+rules minimum time'