Ana de Armas
Name: Tiffany Hymen
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Allentown
Age: 17
Race: Ghoul
Faction: Camarilla
Clan: Brujah
Domitor: Paul Watkins
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Ana de Armas
  • Yesenia: Spanish….accountant? She's way too pretty to be looking at numbers all night.
  • Jiao: The bodyguard. Tough. Hangs out with Yesenia. I think in the same way I hang out with Paul…could be wrong. Often am.
  • Pierce: Hoity. Brief meeting and he doesn't seem too bad but I think his shoes cost more than all my clothes. Which wouldn't be hard I guess.
  • Shade: Has an awesome rat. Gothy but I saw her swaying to the music.
  • Sean: Irish South African who plays a mean guitar. Even got Jiao dancing.
  • Flint: Hard man. He should smile more…or at least once.

RP Hooks

New Ghoul - Recently shown a whole new world and ready to screw it up.

Working Girl - A runaway who makes a living by stripping, private dances and other 'work'.

Rebel With A Cause - Angry at everything now she's at least angry at everything for a reason - whatever reason her domitor gives her.

Criminal - In addition to her working activities she is also happy to break the law in other areas - theft, B&E, drug dealing, standover etc. etc.