Mr. Temple
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
Name: Emmanuel Deacon Temple
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Boston
Age: Twenties
Race: Changeling
Faction: Unseelie
Strength: 8
Companion: "Pringles"
Business: Owner of Daydreams
Personality: Cruel & Violent
Concept: Criminal Kingpin
Portrayed by: Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Jimmy - We may have some common interests
Ria - Seems like a nice enough woman
Ruby - Good to have you back
Jade - Welcome to our new home
Opal - Such an intoxicating voice
Obsidian - A fine new addition
Allison - A very interesting surprise
Lucas - Wildcards aren't used in poker hands
Heather - Perhaps she is trustworthy
Bishop - Guard your castle well
Rachel - Who was she again?
Yesenia - Discrete dangerous tastes
Paul - Lets do some business
Katrina - Rock, Paper, Scissors it is
Asoese - I don't use the waters


RP Hooks

Daydreams Strip Joint - Mr. Temple owns this new and very prosperous strip joint. See the business tab for more details - including pictures of the Jewels, and some of the men who work for Temple who are often present.
Unsavory Professionals - Mr. Temple is always looking for new talent. Particularly street-level criminal types, though he is willing to complicate anyone's life into serving his enterprise. If you'd be interested in getting involved - feel free to approach him ICly or let me know OOCly and we can work something out.
Street - Temple is taking over NE Philadelphia and pushing out anyone who isn't planning on working for him or paying a protection tax. He seems to refuse to work with Drug Dealers, and has quite the reputation for violence and making loud and brutal statements with those who piss him off.
High Society - Temple is very political, wealthy, and well-connected when it comes to having dirt on influential people. If you have a bad habit, not only does he probably know about it — but he's probably your supplier.