"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."

-The Old Astronomer by Sarah Williams

Kate Potter
Name: Vivistrix Q. Nebulosa
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Age: 30
Race: Changeling
Faction: Unseelie
House: Aesin
Kith: Pooka
Themesong: TMBG - Upside Down Frown
Profession: Lore Keeper/Librarian/Skald
Animal: Saw Whet Owl
Portrayed by: Kate Potter

Thin and spotted…
Vivistrix stands five foot six, her auburn hair falls over her shoulders and cascades to her lower back in lazy scooping waves. Brilliant copper highlights catch the faintest light in any room… somehow they always seem to shimmer. Her healthy hair which is clean but often askew tends to end up in a haphazard bun. This young woman is composed of comely features with a distinct gap between her two front teeth. She hides her unique eyes behind an impassive overlarge set of mirrored sunglasses. The darkened lenses reside in an elaborate brass frame inlaid with flowers and filligree. The reason for the glasses becomes apparent when one takes note of the always present white and red-tipped cane. The parts of her face (and body) which are visible are virtually speckled with freckles.

Strix often dresses in dated clothing that harkens to the 1980s. She dons high collar blouses and dashing tweed blazers with prominent shoulder pads. A set of odd hemmed cut always are located stylistically down her back, below her shoulder blades, they peek at dark fabric below. Strix's bronze slacks are tight and compliment the similar colored piping on her sage green and cream blazer. It bears bronze buttons set with tiny filigree owls. The same cream which accents the blazer matches the lighter parts on her dark green flats. The shoes are a tie dye explosion of all the aforementioned colors with the primary shade being a deep sage green.


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