Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
Macy Kate
Name: Reese Starr
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Hollywood, CA
Age: 19
Race: Mage
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Sahajiya (CoX)
Affinity Sphere: Mind
Occupation: College/Drummer
My Rock: Ivan
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Macy Kate

Ivan: Mine. Always.


I hear you taunting me

The bottle of pills in the drawer

The bag of grass in my purse

The line of coke on the table

The pint glass at the pub

The naked flesh in my bed

I hear you calling

The open window

Daring me to jump


RP Hooks

  • About to attend college in a nearby town.
  • Resources 5 - Poor little rich girl.
  • Fame 4 - Former child star, Disney Channel, and former face for Nurture brand baby food. Her parents are famous, Actor/Director Jagger Starr who has many, many action movies under his belt. Her mother is Comedian Lucya Stone. Her grandmother, Lila Starr is a former actress from a popular daytime soap opera. Reese has been in tabloids in the company of her both her parents and her grandmother.
  • Coke addict.
  • Mage, Cult of Ecstasy.