Affinity realms

Kith Realm
Boggan Actor
Clurichaun Actor
Eshu Scene
Nocker Prop
Piskey Actor
Pooka Nature
Redcap Nature
Satyr Fae
Selkie Nature
Arcadian Sidhe Time
Autumn Sidhe Fae
Sluagh Prop
Troll Fae

Less common kiths

Kith Realm
Ghille Dhu Nature
Korred Fae
Merfolk Nature
Morganed Actor
River Hags Nature
Wichtel Scene
Wolpertinger Nature


Level Description
1 True Friend
2 Personal Contact
3 Familiar Face
4 Dire Enemy
5 Complete Stranger


Level Description
1 Hearty Commoner
2 Lofty Noble
3 Manifold Chimera
4 Elusive Gallain
5 Dweomer of Glamour


Level Description
1 Base Element
2 Raw Material
3 Verdant Forest
4 Feral Animal
5 Natural Phenomena


Level Description
1 Ornate Garb
2 Crafted Tool
3 Mechanical Device
4 Complex Machine
5 Arcane Artifact


Level Description
1 The Chamber
2 The Cottage
3 The Lonely Lane
4 The Glen
5 The Castle


Level Description
1 Three-Fold
2 Suspended Sands
3 Fateful Trigger
4 Bright Echoes
5 Glorious Renewal