Player-Run Plots (PRPs) allow players to act as storytellers in a limited capacity, running scenes and stories hopefully without the need for staff intervention. Players running PRPs can incorporate NPCs to drive the story and get people involved in ways they might not normally be involved.


  • If you're planning a PrP that is self-contained, involving no NPCs that exist outside the PRP, making no changes to the world outside the PRP, it is automatically approved.
  • You'll need staff approval if you intend to run a PRP that:
    • Permanently affects the world, setting, or theme;
    • Utilizes sphere or key thematic NPCs (the Prince, the Hive Alpha, the mayor, established mob boss);
    • Overrides player risk levels;
    • Offers rewards to participants aside from votes/nominations/renown along the way.


  • Communication is your friend. Ensure your participants know what to expect from the PRP (combat time vs heavy social time vs light social time). IC surprises tend to be fun, OOC surprises tend to be less fun.
  • Planning is your second friend. You should have a rough idea of where the PRP is going and a rough idea of how players will get there.
  • But be flexible! Players will certainly deviate from what you think they'll do. Adapt and keep moving. If the players deviate but it's fun, consider whether or not you have room for a tangent.
  • Know how many slots you have available and what roles might be beneficial
  • Expect that some participants will have to leave before it's finished, and others might join partway through.
  • Ensure you understand the theme and mechanics of a given sphere before involving it.
  • To keep things manageable, plan for five or fewer participants.
  • Remember: you're volunteering to do this. If a participant is disrupting the PRP, remove them. If you are participating in someone else's PRP and you find that it's not a good fit for you, respectfully tell the PRP ST and remove yourself.
  • Playing your own character in a PRP can *potentially* represent a conflict of interest. To minimize that:
    • Minimize the dependence the other participants will have on your character.
    • Minimize the benefit your character stands to gain.
    • Ensure that your own character's gains are incidental to the PRP, not the objective.
  • Regardless of whether you play your own character or not, you may vote/nominate and are eligible to receive the same.
  • Log everything. Having the log of what's happened so far can help in many unexpected ways.

(Probably Bad) PRP Ideas

  • Bone Gnawer tribebook meets "The Hangover"
  • Eddie the Snitch has to go
  • Strange things are afoot at the 7-11
  • Why is this alley full of Iteration X transvestites?

Submitting PRP Ideas

Staff welcome your PRP ideas! Some players conceive, plan, and execute PRPs from beginning to end all on their own. This is great, but not everyone has that time or ability. Staff welcomes PRP ideas from players in any form. Submissions can range from a full-blown PRP down to a very brief summary. When ideas are submitted, staff would like to flesh them out as needed. If the original submitter would like to run it they are welcome to. If not, staff will look for a player who would like to run it. Ideas for open PRPs, sphere-specific PRPs, and cross-sphere PRPs are all welcome.

If you have a PRP idea to submit, please do so! (see +help +pitch)

See Also: Risk System, NPC Play