Boss of the Lambretta Crime Family
Name: Sebastian "Pinky" Lambretta
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Iowa
Age: 20ish (Much Older)
Race: Kindred
Faction: Independent
Clan: Giovanni
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Portrayed by: None
  • Peter "Pug" Williams (NPC Ghost) - This ghost is a loyal mafioso and former ghoul. For those few that can see him, he is a short, fat man in 1920's gangster clothing. His face is strangely flattened as if it had been beaten in at some point in his life. He clearly died savagely, as his throat is ripped open. Spectral "blood" is always flowing from the wound. He follows Pinky around, offering advice.
  • Julie Anne Ragazzo-Lambretta - The Lambretta Crime Family's most dangerous member. She is hitter, bodyguard, cousin and lover.

RP Hooks

  • Organized Crime - Pinky is the Boss of a small Mafia crime family that is on the rise.
  • High Society - Pinky is known to spend freely to support the people and causes that he finds useful.
  • Ghosts - While he doesn't exactly advertise this, a lot of Pinky's business ventures are discretely designed to bring him into proximity with ghosts and similar occult research.
  • Vampire - Pinky is an Independent vampire. Technically his family is neutral in the Jyhad, so he can RP with anybody without it automatically becoming a big fight.


A photo of me, playing a previous version of Pinky in a LARP. He is skinnier than I am though. More handsome.