• References: The Hunters Hunted II (HH), Kinfolk: A Breed Apart (K)
  • Most levels require spending Willpower
  • Some levels do not require an activation roll
  • House rule: Base difficulty 6, unless individual level specifies something else, or Soulstealing
  • House rule: If different books use different pools, you can choose which one to use

Hedge magic

Numina Page Activation
"Alchemy (numina)" HH142 Intelligence + Occult vs 8
Conjuration K79 Dexterity + Occult
Curses HH72 Manipulation + Intimidation
Divination HH73, K80 Perception + Occult
Healing HH75, K81 Manipulation + (Medicine or Intuition)
"Herbalism (numina)" K82 Intelligence + Herbalism
Spirit Chasing K83 Manipulation + Occult
Via Geniorum* HH125 various + Occult
Via Necromantiae* HH126 various + Occult

* Restricted to Society of Leopold

Psychic numina

Numina Page Activation
Animal Psi HH134 Perception + Animal Ken vs 7
Anti-Psi HH135 n/a
Astral Projection HH78 Perception + Awareness vs 8
Cyberkinesis HH79 Manipulation + Technology
Empathic Healing K84 use Healing instead
Psychometry HH80 Perception + Empathy
Pyrokinesis HH81 Manipulation + Awareness
Soulstealing K84 Willpower vs (target's Willpower + 2)
Telekinesis HH82 Wits + Awareness