Rhys Fulber
Name: Nowell Bowmann
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: East Berlin, DDR
Age: 19?
Race: Changeling
Faction: Seelie
Kith: Sidhe (Arcadian)
House: Beaumayn
AKA: Sir Avery Gwenael Perrin Noel ap Beaumayn
Title: Knight
Legacy: Sage
Portrayed by: Rhys Fulber

To Mortal Eyes:

Nowell stands roughly six feet tall, milk-pale and black-clad, with a sylph-slender build, sweet, youthful appearance and almost silvery white-blonde hair.

The aforementioned silvery hair has been razor cut to the skin around the young man's skull, leaving fine feathery bangs curling over his forehead. Nowell's brows and lashes are also fine and pale, and his eyes are a peculiar, striking opalescent blue. His nose and lips are almost feminine; finely formed, their delicacy creates pleasant contrast to his more sharply angled cheekbones and chin.

Nowell's attire is clearly worn for function and ease of use. He tends to favor cotton t-shirts emblazoned with Constructivist and Soviet motifs under open-buttoned, black cotton jumpsuits, the cuffs of which are rolled above broken-in, utilitarian black boots. His accessories are rather plain as well: a black-strapped watch on one slim wrist and a black leather cuff on the other. A dozen steel rings pierce both his earlobes. All elaborate ornamentation is saved for the tattoos on his forearms. Intricate designs of starlight and shadow wrap around his biceps, the rich violets and blacks bold and striking. Even with his very proletariat uniform, there is a a rarefied quality to this young man; a grace of bearing and nigh-noble way in which he carries himself and speaks; vaguely French accent and all.


+RP Hooks:

  • Owns and operates the U-Bahn, an all-ages venue for goth-industrial and Queer performances.
  • Rumored to have apprenticed with Baroness Jesenia September ap Beaumayn, the famed Thallain hunter.
  • Holder of Tatlin's Tower Freehold.
  • Rather outgoing for a Knight of House Beaumayn.
  • Seems to collect Kithain and Kinain of all types, into a rather raucous Household.
  • Really enjoys playing with Leica Sofort instant cameras. Warhol at the Third Comintel.