Name: Maxwell "Max" Drummond
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia
Age: Twenty-ish
Race: Australian
Faction: Aussie
Business: Co-Owner of The Tipsy Mouse
Nationality: Australian/American
None: None
None: None
None: None
Portrayed by: None

There are manly men, and then there's Max. He's more of a pretty boy. That said, about the only constant about his appearance is that it's not. His hair is long and dark, but how he styles it varies from day to day. Likewise, the way he dresses can vary from emo to athletic to hipster, though he does show a preference for darker colors. Max stands about 5'9” tall and is skinny, though not exactly frail looking. He could almost be mistaken for a girl, at least until he opened his mouth.

When Max speaks, his voice is deep, deeper than one would expect from such a scrawny guy, and it carries a great distance. If one were to describe him, it would be loud. The second they would notice about his voice is his accent: thick and Australian. Imagine for a moment that Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee got together over beers and their accents got it on and had kids. If those accent kids got it on with one another and had kids of their own, the products of that incestuous union might sound like Max.

He moves in a casual, relaxed manner, as if he owns the very area around him. Perhaps this is what draws people to him. Perhaps it's something more primal, more feral. Whatever the case may be, others find themselves drawn to him, but animals seem to shy away as well.




The Drummond Twins