Erika Linder
Name: Maxine "Max" Drummond
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia
Age: Early Twenties?
Race: White girl
Faction: None of your business
Business: Owner of The Tipsy Mouse
Nationality: Australian/American
Pet: Nox (Spider)
None: None
None: None
Portrayed by: Erika Linder

A fairly attractive young woman of about 5'9" tall, Max cuts a trim figure and seems to dress rather casually. Max's hair is often tied back in a simple ponytail, keeping it out of her face, and her makeup is present, but not overt, shooting for a more subtle feel. When not tied back, Max lets her hair hang loose, usually parted to one side or the other in an asymmetrical cut.

When she speaks, she has a bit of an Australian accent, though it is a slight one: more Cate Blanchett, less Steve Irwin. This includes how she tends to speak in a more subdued manner, being soft-spoken. Clearly, she's spent some time abroad, probably in England.




Max and Max