General context:

  • This is a rough approximation of RL Philadelphia.
  • Each square here is approximately 1 square mile.
  • There are plenty of other streets in between these, but not explicitly shown.
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Woodhaven and Roosevelt <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Woodhaven and Rowland <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Woodhaven and State
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Red Lion and Roosevelt <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Red Lion and Rowland
- - -
Pinewood Hills Apartments (Resources 1+)
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Red Lion and State
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Grant and Algon <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Grant and Roosevelt <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Grant and Rowland
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Township Line and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Township Line and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Township Line and Broad <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Township Line and Tookany Creek <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Township Line and Oxford - - - <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Willits and Algon <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Willits and Roosevelt <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Willits and Rowland
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Ashbourne and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Ashbourne and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Ashbourne and Broad <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Ashbourne and Tookany Creek <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Ashbourne and Oxford - - - <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Holme and Algon <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Holme and Roosevelt <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Holme and Rowland
- - -
Ed Kelly Amphitheater (Outdoor Concert Venue)
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Cheltenham and Bells Mill <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Cheltenham and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Cheltenham and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Cheltenham and Broad <NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Cottman and Algon
- - -
Beehive Thrift Store (Thrift shop)
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Cottman and Roosevelt
- - -
Roosevelt Mall (Outdoor Shopping Mall)
Chipotle (Mexican Restaurant)
<NE>Northeast Philadelphia - Cottman and Rowland
- - -
Daydreams (Upscale Strip Club)
Orthodox Auto (Auto Salvage Yard)
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Stenton and Bells Mill <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Stenton and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Stenton and Johnson
- - -
Awbury Arboretum (Arboretum, festival area, huge park)
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Stenton and Broad
- - -
Noodle Heaven (Korean/Japanese restaurant)
Martial Arts Hero Factory (Martial arts studio)
| |
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Chew and Bells Mill <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Chew and Allens
- - -
Lofts at Canterbury (Resources 2+)
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Chew and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Chew and Broad | |
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Wissahickon and Bells Mill <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Wissahickon and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Wissahickon and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Wissahickon and Broad | |
<NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Henry and Bells Mill <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Henry and Allens <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Henry and Johnson <NW>Northwest Philadelphia - Henry and Broad | |
| | | | <N>North Philadelphia - Hunting Park and 19th <N>North Philadelphia - Hunting Park and Broad <N>North Philadelphia - Hunting Park and 6th <N>North Philadelphia - Hunting Park and Columbus - - - <E>East Philadelphia - Castor and Front <E>East Philadelphia - Castor and Frankford <E>East Philadelphia - Castor and Aramingo <E>East Philadelphia - Castor and Richmond
<W>West Philadelphia - Wynnefield and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Wynnefield and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Wynnefield and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Wynnefield and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Wynnefield and 34th - - - - - - <N>North Philadelphia - Allegheny and 19th <N>North Philadelphia - Allegheny and Broad <N>North Philadelphia - Allegheny and 6th
- - -
The Ash Heap (Seedy dive bar)
<N>North Philadelphia - Allegheny and Columbus - - - <E>East Philadelphia - Westmoreland and Front <E>East Philadelphia - Westmoreland and Frankford <E>East Philadelphia - Westmoreland and Aramingo <E>East Philadelphia - Westmoreland and Richmond
- - -
Gifts of Ge (Antiques and Curiosity Shop)
<W>West Philadelphia - Lancaster and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Lancaster and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Lancaster and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Lancaster and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Lancaster and 34th
- - -
Philadelphia Zoo (Zoological society and garden)
- - - - - - <N>North Philadelphia - York and 19th <N>North Philadelphia - York and Broad <N>North Philadelphia - York and 6th <N>North Philadelphia - York and Columbus - - - <E>East Philadelphia - York and Front <E>East Philadelphia - York and Frankford <E>East Philadelphia - York and Aramingo <E>East Philadelphia - York and Richmond
- - -
The Digital Web Cafe (Internet cafe)
<W>West Philadelphia - Haverford and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Haverford and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Haverford and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Haverford and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Haverford and 34th - - - - - - <N>North Philadelphia - Moore and 19th <N>North Philadelphia - Moore and Broad <N>North Philadelphia - Moore and 6th <N>North Philadelphia - Moore and Columbus - - - <E>East Philadelphia - Moore and Front <E>East Philadelphia - Moore and Frankford <E>East Philadelphia - Moore and Aramingo <E>East Philadelphia - Moore and Richmond
<W>West Philadelphia - Walnut and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Walnut and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Walnut and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Walnut and 44th
- - -
Silver Dragon Casino (Casino, hotel, with nightclub and pool)
Crystal Visions (New Age Shop and Psychic Readings)
<W>West Philadelphia - Walnut and 34th - - - - - - <N>North Philadelphia - Spring Garden and 19th
- - -
<Dayzone> Masterman High School (Exclusive high school)
Eastern State Penitentiary (Historical prison)
<N>North Philadelphia - Spring Garden and Broad <N>North Philadelphia - Spring Garden and 6th <N>North Philadelphia - Spring Garden and Columbus
<W>West Philadelphia - Baltimore and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Baltimore and 57th
- - -
Sherwood Park (Neighborhood park)
<W>West Philadelphia - Baltimore and 52nd
- - -
Rollerburger (Drive-in diner)
<W>West Philadelphia - Baltimore and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Baltimore and 34th - - - - - - <S>North Philadelphia - Vine and 19th <S>North Philadelphia - Vine and Broad <S>North Philadelphia - Vine and 6th
- - -
Franklin Square (City park, mini-golf, burgers)
O'Kelly's Irish Pub
<S>North Philadelphia - Vine and Columbus
- - -
<Nightzone> Pinky's Place (Jazz club)
<W>West Philadelphia - Whitby and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Whitby and 57th
- - -
Sterling Townhouses (Resources 4+)
<W>West Philadelphia - Whitby and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Whitby and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Whitby and 34th - - - - - - <S>North Philadelphia - Chestnut and 19th
- - -
Boyd Theatre (Closed to the public)
<Nightzone> Gallery Merlot (Art gallery and wine bar)
<S>North Philadelphia - Chestnut and Broad <S>North Philadelphia - Chestnut and 6th <S>North Philadelphia - Chestnut and Columbus
<W>West Philadelphia - Springfield and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Springfield and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Springfield and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Springfield and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Springfield and 34th - - - - - - <S>North Philadelphia - South and 19th <S>North Philadelphia - South and Broad <S>North Philadelphia - South and 6th <S>North Philadelphia - South and Columbus
- - -
The Boiler Room (Biker bar)
<W>West Philadelphia - Woodland and 63rd <W>West Philadelphia - Woodland and 57th <W>West Philadelphia - Woodland and 52nd <W>West Philadelphia - Woodland and 44th <W>West Philadelphia - Woodland and 34th <S>North Philadelphia - Snyder and 19th <S>North Philadelphia - Snyder and Broad <S>North Philadelphia - Snyder and 6th <S>North Philadelphia - Snyder and Columbus
<S>North Philadelphia - Pattison and 19th <S>North Philadelphia - Pattison and Broad <S>North Philadelphia - Pattison and 6th <S>North Philadelphia - Pattison and Columbus


Bells Mill Allens Johnson Broad Tookany Creek Oxford
Township Line Township Line
Ashbourne Ashbourne
Cheltenham Cheltenham
Stenton Awbury ArboretumArboretum, festival area, huge park
Noodle HeavenKorean/Japanese restaurant)
Martial Arts Hero FactoryMartial arts studio
Chew Lofts at CanterburyResources 2+ Chew
Wissahickon Wissahickon
Henry Henry
Bells Mill Allens Johnson Broad Tookany Creek Oxford


Algon Roosevelt Rowland State
Woodhaven Woodhaven
Red Lion Pinewood Hills ApartmentsResources 1+ Red Lion
Grant Grant
Willits Willits
Holme Ed Kelly AmphitheaterOutdoor Concert Venue
Cottman Beehive Thrift StoreThrift shop
Roosevelt MallOutdoor Shopping Mall
ChipotleMexican Restaurant
DaydreamsUpscale Strip Club
Orthodox AutoAuto Salvage Yard
Algon Roosevelt Rowland State


63rd 57th 52nd 44th 34th
Wynnefield Wynnefield
Lancaster Philadelphia Zoo(Zoological society and garden) Lancaster
Haverford Haverford
Walnut Silver Dragon CasinoCasino, hotel, with nightclub and pool
Crystal VisionsNew Age Shop and Psychic Readings
Baltimore Sherwood ParkNeighborhood park RollerburgerDrive-in diner Baltimore
Whitby Sterling TownhousesResources 4+ Whitby
Springfield Springfield
Woodland Woodland
63rd 57th 52nd 44th 34th


19th Broad 6th Columbus
Hunting Park Hunting Park
Allegheny The Ash HeapSeedy dive bar Allegheny
York York
Moore Moore
Spring Garden Masterman High School<Dayzone> Exclusive high school
Eastern State PenitentiaryHistorical prison
Spring Garden
19th Broad 6th Columbus


19th Broad 6th Columbus
Vine Franklin SquareCity park, mini-golf, burgers
O'Kelly's Irish Pub
Pinky's Place<Nightzone> Jazz club Vine
Chestnut Boyd TheatreClosed to the public
Gallery Merlot<Nightzone> Art gallery and wine bar
South The Boiler RoomBiker bar South
Snyder Snyder
Pattison Pattison
19th Broad 6th Columbus


Front Frankford Aramingo Richmond
Castor Castor
Westmoreland Gifts of GeAntiques and Curiosity Shop
York The Digital Web CafeInternet cafe
Moore Moore
Front Frankford Aramingo Richmond