"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."
- Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Stephen James Hendry
Name: Hubert Hawthorne
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
Age: 27
Race: Kithian
Faction: Unseelie
Kith: Sidhe (Arcadian)
Fae Name: Caillte Ó Chroí
House: Danaan
Title: None
Oaths: None
Portrayed by: Stephen James Hendry

A familiar face in the European music scene as the lead singer of alternative hard rock band Lotus Eaters.

Mantis is a tall(5'11") well groomed rocker with a handsome face and extensive tattoo work. His black hair exists as a pronounced flop leaving the clean-line tattoo work on his skull visible below the stubble on the sides of his head. His muscular physique is covered in tattoos across his biceps, neck, hands and torso. A special trinket on short leather rope hangs around his neck; the charm is a four leaf clover trapped between thin sheets of quartz and set in a gold binding which rests openly just between his collar bones.

He prefers to dress in casual well tailored alt-labels with modern fashion trends evident. Today Mantis is wearing a pair of snug fitting jeans and a button down shirt in gunmetal and silver paisley. He makes it foppish by wearing a complimentary colored suit vest but no jacket. On the lapel of his white vest is a small pink angry unicorn pin and a blue Lotus pin. He has pewter rings set with semi-precious stones on several of his fingers and a plain brown leather cuff on his right wrist.(APP 6 - Fame 3)


RP Hooks

  • Time for Commoners: Mantis holds no Titles and as a nomadic sort he keeps no Holdings. He relies heavily on his friends and retinue to function in the Mortal world. In the Dreaming he is known as a cunning navigator and adventurer with a long reputation of keeping Commoners as associates.
  • Fame 3: Mantis is the lead singer of the alternative hard rock band Lotus Eaters. The popular band was originally based out of the U.K. and has seen nominal success in America. They have had several singles reach number one on U.K and Irish billboard charts but have yet to break the top 100 in America.

They are currently taking a year off of touring to record a new album and have decided to base their efforts in Philly.