Lily Romanoff
Wylona Hayashi
Name: Lily Grace Romanoff
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: Late Teens-Early Twenties
Race: Kinfolk
Faction: Gaians
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Occupation: Computer Tech
Hobbies: Cooking, Building Computers and Coding
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Wylona Hayashi

Above Board - Lily Grace Romanoff, 21, is the mute daughter of daughter of Nikolai Romanoff, Ahroun of the Shadow Lords, Born on two legs, Rited: Bleeds The Way by the nation; who happens to be a wealthy accountant. She always had a thing for technology and is now a computer tech.

One Layer Deeper - Lily is Shadowlord kin. In the Garou community she is known as a rather successful hacker.


RP Hooks

  • Computer Tech - Did your tablet, laptop or desktop break and need it fixed?
  • Hacker - Need some documents falsified? Or perhaps things erased from somewhere?
  • Coding - It is something she loves very dearly. Need some of it done for you?
  • Puzzles - Have something you are having trouble solving? She is quite fond of enigmas.
  • Cooking - Lily enjoys cooking to the ends of the earth and is always looking to better and expand her knowledge
  • Shadowlord Kin - Lily is an extremely loyal kin to the Gaians, she can also recognize Garou rather easily.
  • Mute - She was never able to speak since birth but she carries around a tablet for a reason and does happen to know ASL.