Knight of the Order
Joe Flanigan
Name: Levi Bennett
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Age: Mid Twenties
Race: Mage
Faction: Disparates
Craft: Templar Knights
None: N/A
Affinity Sphere: Forces
Occupation: Private Investigator
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Joe Flanigan

RP Hooks

  • The Watch: Levi recently opened his own PI office in town with a listing of many services. From aid in tracking down lost property to gathering of information he even does some work as a bodyguard. He has even given some tips on self defense working as a renaissance man out of the office.
  • Lost Time: He inherited a house that once belonged to his parents and is now back in town again though he doesn't remember time here before. Now he's starting to learn the city again while getting on his feet.