Some of these (especially for vampires) are house-ruled clarifications



Reference: W20 203

To learn a level N rite:

  • Do a favor for one of the elders (and/or donate talens)
    • If you have Mentor background, roll Mentor vs (3 + N)
    • Fail but not botch: Wait one learning period before trying again
    • Botch: Wait 3 months before trying again
    • PCs can teach rites, but it slows down their own learning (see below)
  • Must have Rituals >= N
  • Each learning period is N weeks (3 days for a minor rite)
    • Each PC can only be learning one rite at a time
    • If a PC is teaching and learning at the same time, then each rite they're teaching (regardless of number of students) increases their learning period by 1 week
  • Once per learning period, roll Intelligence + Rituals vs (10 - Intelligence)
    • Goal is to accumulate N+ successes over one or more rolls
    • Fail but not botch: Either '+lose Willpower' or lose your progress toward that rite
    • Botch: Lose your progress toward that rite, wait 3 months before trying again

Vampire/ghoul (Thaumaturgy etc.)


Reference: V20 230

Same as shifters, but:

  • Must have relevant discipline (e.g. Thaumaturgy) >= N
  • For everything else, replace Rituals with Occult