Kat Dennings
Name: Kathryn Johnson
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: April 8, 1995
Age: Twenties
Race: Corax/Kinain
Faction: Gaian/Unseelie
Breed: Homid
Day Job: Dancer at Daydreams
Side Jobs: Computer Programmer/Hacker and Forger
Personality: Warm, Open and Friendly
Concept: Definitely Trouble
Portrayed by: Kat Dennings

Temple - I work for you, but you don't own me. I draw very few lines. If you keep crossing them, as much as I'll hate to do it, I'll walk. I think you're probably lonely as hell underneath it all, and I'd like to see more than the occasional glimpse of the person you could be - but there are a million mysteries in the world. I'll find one that doesn't try to use my Dreams to hurt me if you keep this up.
Grania - Your voice is beautiful, incredibly so. I just wish you'd use it a little less powerfully around me, it's distracting and I'm still trying to get the hang of my new job. Still, you seem nice enough, and taunting the audience with your beauty is so much fun. I'm looking forward to seeing what you become - I've never met one of your kind who was so young before.
Lucas - You're interesting to talk to, but I think you may be even more insane than most of your kind. Still, at least you seem to have a sense of humor about yourself, and that's rare. Your bartending could use a little work.
Amaryllis - You seem sweet, if a little innocent in certain ways. I can see how you're the end result of Temple's finishing school - it's interesting, but not for me. Still, we could have a lot of fun, given our mutual gifts.


RP Hooks

Daydreams Strip Joint - She works here as Obsidian. The person you'll find if you look for her here is very little like the person you'd find if you went looking for her elsewhere. This is a job, and she does it well.
Corporate Contacts - Kat has worked for years as a freelance programmer/hacker, and she has a reputation among certain levels of different corporations.
Street - Kat's a hacker, with a handle that she uses online to hide her identity. She's also a forger and she can make a lot of things, from false IDs to forged paintings - although she's definitely better at the iD. All of these services are found by finding Angel online - you'll never meet her, but her work is impeccable.
High Society - Kat's got her fingers in places they don't belong - and as such she's gained rather a lot of influence in the city's upper structure, especially for someone who hasn't been in Philly for very long. How and where she keeps this information is a closely kept secret, and just having it is enough to make people sit up and pay attention.
Shifters - Kat's a Corax, and as such she is the information highway for the shifting breeds. In corvid form, she's the perfect spy - who notices another raven in a city? So if you need some reconn done, she's definitely the person to get it done.
Fae - Kat's satyr kinain, and she possesses something that lets her see the fae at all times - or maybe she's bound to one of them. Either way, she is blood of their blood and she is willing to help her kin. Being a Prodigal means she has gifts they might not otherwise have access to. She is, however, hesitant to talk about this part of her life - which seems a little odd, Corax have a hard time keeping their mouths shut about … well, anything.