Owner of Jack's
David Gandy
Name: Jack Lordes
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Age: 30ish (Much Older)
Race: Kindred
Faction: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador
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Portrayed by: David Gandy

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RP Hooks

Local - While there have been periods where he has gone into relative seclusion for a decade or so here or there, Jack has been living in Philadelphia since 1900, when he was born. He is the ultimate example of a local. He loves this city to the core.

War - He was drafted for The Great War in 1917, and he fought in the U.S. Army (Mainly in France) until the end of the War. He still remembers bits and pieces quite well.

Jack's - His club, Jack's, opened in 2010 and has been a focal point of Phillie nightlife ever since. The jazz club is incredibly popular, both for the live music, the service, or the amazing food and drinks. It opens after sundown, and is open until 2am during the week, and 4am on Friday and Saturday. (AKA it is a Nightzone) HIRING PCs

Kindred - The VIP Lounge of Jack's is open only to Kindred and their Ghouls. Individuals are either vetted at Elysium, or by Jack through interview. (This can be handwaived as happening off-screen or in the past if you prefer and contact me.) Camarilla, Independent, Autarkis and Anarchs are allowed. Causing violence or abusing disciplines gets you uninvited. Also, feeding at the club without his permission is a violation of Domain. (+2 diff to feed without his permission, -2 diff to feed with it. Please RP accordingly)

Sensualist - He keeps himself somewhat human by indulging like a human. While it cannot get him drunk, he drinks alcohol. He can also enjoy the taste of food, though he must expel it later. He is also an enormous fan of the fairer sex.