Detective Carver
Emily Wickersham
Name: Iris Viola Carver
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Age: Thirtyish?
Race: Mage
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Society of Ether
Affinity Sphere: Matter
Occupation: PPD Homicide Detective
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Emily Wickersham

Pinky: He seems sensible enough. Willing to play ball, too. Realizes nobody stands to gain from his people making a mess.
Julie-anne: Now, Drusilla over here needs to be watched closely. As sharp as a washing machine full of razors, and about as safe to handle.
Paul: Seems almost surprisingly chill, considering. Give it time…


RP Hooks

I am the Law
She's been a cop for years now, although her promotion to Detective is quite recent. Want a run-in with the law? Need a murder mystery solved? Not afraid to get stitches for snitching? She's your gal!

Blood Ties
Within the halls of the Camarilla, word has it she used to be part of the herd of local Ventrue lawyer Klaus Eichmann. While that is apparently no longer the case, the two have been seen together on regular occasions even these nights, and apparently get along splendidly. While it's unclear whether or not she's his ghoul or at least blood bound to him, she's clearly an asset. Need a masquerade violation covered up? She might be able to help!