Our primary reference for Fera is CB20, taking precedence over W20 chapter 9.

Fera learning gifts from Garou or other breeds:

  • Gifts explicitly listed in CB20 (e.g. Ajaba "Eye of the Hunter - As the Red Talon Gift") are allowed as normal.
  • Nuwisha can learn Garou homid/lupus/Ragabash gifts per CB20 171.
  • Other cases are at out-of-breed XP costs. If we missed something above, please inform staff.
  • Bastet with Cat Magic merit and Kitsune with Fox Magic merit (CB20 208) can mimic any gift/rite, and also learn numina (+rules numina).
  • Kitsune can learn gifts with a PC teacher (CB20 126).
  • Mokole-Mbembe can learn gifts via Mnesis (CB20 147).
  • Other cases are disallowed. If we missed something above, please inform staff.

Rite of Recognition (CB20 84) is level 2 and uses game mechanics from Players Guide to the Changing Breeds page 75.

Bastet Yava: See '+rules yava'.



Here are some things that may trigger a Frenzy roll, at ST discretion. In the absence of a ST, this depends on player consensus.

  • Embarrassment or humiliation (such as botching an important roll)
  • Any strong emotion (such as lust, rage, envy)
  • Extreme hunger
  • Confinement, helplessness
  • Being taunted by an enemy
  • Large quantities of silver in the area
  • Being wounded or seeing a packmate wounded

This can happen multiple times per scene. If you really want to bed this one person, but you smack your shin on something hard and they make fun of you in front of a crowd, that's three rolls.

Highly emotional and personal circumstances require rolling more dice. Examples:

  • Black Fury encounters a rapist
  • Silent Strider with claustrophobia is threatened with imprisonment


Difficulty of the Rage roll depends on the moon phase, see '+moon'.

  • Rank 3: +1 diff. Rank 4: +2 diff. Rank 5: +2 diff, only 5+ successes results in a Frenzy. (W20 144)
  • Calm Heart merit: +2 diff. (W20 476, "+2 dice" is appropriate for vampires instead)

Result of the roll:

  • 0 successes - You keep it together.
  • 1 to 3 successes - Angry reaction (e.g. snarl, lunge, glare).
  • 4+ successes - You enter Frenzy, either Berserk (fight) or Fox (flight) as appropriate.
    • You can spend a Willpower to end it immediately.
    • Otherwise, it lasts until the trigger goes away and you succeed at a Willpower roll (difficulty = your Rage).
  • 6+ successes - You enter Thrall of the Wyrm Frenzy.
    • Always a Berserk Frenzy.
    • You cannot spend a Willpower to end it immediately.

Any Rage roll may trigger Frenzy, including activating a gift.

You roll your permanent Rage, not temporary. '+roll Rage' accounts for this.

Fera: (CB20 216)

  • Most frenzy as Garou, Rage rolls are always difficulty 6.
  • Ananasi: No Rage, +2 diff to supernaturally induce frenzy.
  • Gurahl: Diff 8. Frenzy requires 5+ successes, thrall frenzy requires 8+ (CB20 108). Normally only capable of berserk frenzy.
  • Kitsune: Normally only capable of fox frenzy.
  • Mokole: Shining use same difficulty as Garou.
  • Nagah: Diff 7, or 6 near polluted water. Frenzy requires 6+ successes, thrall frenzy is normally impossible (CB20 157).
  • Nuwisha: No Rage, normally incapable of frenzy.
  • Rokea: Use same difficulty as Garou. Frenzy only requires 2+ successes, Kunmind (thrall frenzy) requires 4+ (CB20 199). Normally only capable of berserk frenzy.


Berserk Frenzy:

  • Immediately shift to Crinos or Hispo (your choice) and attack anything that moves.
    • You won't attack your packmates.
    • You will attack allies outside your pack.
    • Exception: If you're in the Thrall of the Wyrm, you attack indiscriminately.
    • Exception: If your permanent Rage exceeds your permanent Gnosis, you must spend a Willpower to figure out which moving shapes are your packmates. Also, after the frenzy, you forget what happened during it, and often collapse.

Fox Frenzy:

  • Immediately shift to Lupus and flee in terror for your life.
  • You attack anything that gets in your way (to get past it, not to kill it).
  • Once you reach a safe hiding place, you stay there until the frenzy ends.

In either case:

  • You can't use special maneuvers or pack tactics. You can bite, claw, or run.
  • You can spend Rage for extra actions, but you can't use split actions.
  • You normally can't use Gifts or step sideways.
  • You do not lose dice due to wound penalties.

Thrall of the Wyrm (always Berserk): When you kill or incapacitate someone, roll Wits vs 7. On a botch, act according to your breed:

  • Homid - spend a turn eating their flesh
  • Metis - spend a turn performing unspeakable acts of perversion on their bodies
  • Lupus - keep attacking them until their body is torn limb from limb


Shifters and kinfolk with Pure Breed can automatically be identified by shifters of their race, including what tribe they're kin to.

  • Shifters of other races must use Scent of the True Form and get 2+ successes.
  • Shifters with Pure Breed cannot automatically be identified by kinfolk. Recognize Garou (W20 382) works as usual, but only within your race, and Pure Breed doesn't affect the roll.
  • Your character can start play unaware of their kinfolk-ness, this simply means that (up to that point) no shifter of their race has met them and told them about it.


  • Camp gifts cannot be learned by a shifter not belonging to that camp. (Ditto for house, lodge, etc.)
  • Tribe rites cannot be learned by a shifter not belonging to that tribe.
  • If a splat's list of "starting gifts" differs from its list of level 1 gifts in the same book:
    • All gifts in the former list are considered level 1 and in-splat.
    • All gifts in the latter list are considered level 1 and in-splat, but require freebies or XP unless they appear in both lists.
    • Example: A shinju kitsune can take Truth of Gaia as their baseline shinju gift, but would need freebies or XP for Flow of Aura

Your Rage is screaming at the world that you're a dangerous alpha predator animal. You will not be mistaken for a dog, cat, or other domestic animal of any sort. (W20 44: "When in <Lupus> form, he is quite obviously a wolf. A werewolf trying to pass himself off as a 'wild dog' is either demented, a disgrace or a buffoon.")

  • Exception: When a relevant supernatural power is used.
  • Exception: When it's dark and you're at a distance.
  • Exception: When the person looking at you is dumb (Intelligence 1 or less). They'll still mistake you for a scary dog, cat, etc.
  • Not an exception: Flaws like Short. You will not be mistaken for a puppy, kitten, etc.

Voluntary sleep does not force you to revert to breed form. (Metamorph merit mentions "lose consciousness", but this is interpreted as limited to involuntary loss of consciousness.)

Tribal variation of Rite of Renunciation (W20 204) removes the performer's Pure Breed if any. Completing a respectable renunciation (W20 253) restores it.

Optional rules are left to ST discretion:

  • Substituting Primal-Urge for Alertness (W20 273)
  • Automatic intimidation of mortals if Rage exceeds their Willpower (W20 279)

Calm Heart (W20 476) gives +2 difficulty to triggered Rage rolls. ("+2 dice" is appropriate for vampires instead.)

Untamable (W20 476) blocks all powers that compel the target to direct, specific action (e.g. Dominate).

  • This includes acting against their Nature.
  • This does not include merely affecting their mood, perceptions, or mental effectiveness.
  • This does not include blood bonds, which are emotional and non-specific.


See HouseRules-Vampire - Hunters


See HouseRules-General - Pooling Backgrounds


We only allow humanoid Kami:

  • Animal Kami are disallowed, as they would be more complicated as well as more restricted in their RP.
  • Plant/immobile Kami must take Incarnate with at least one human form.

Character generation has been adjusted for consistency. See the cheat sheet for details.

Bestial Mutation (W20 430) allows the fomor to tie other possessed powers to it, in which case they're only visible/effective while in the bestial shape. Kami should use Transformation (U:tVS 155) instead.


In addition to renown, raising Shifter Rank is time-limited according to +rules minimum time.

Falling in rank due to renown loss:

  • One-month grace period to regain renown before falling in rank.
  • Minimum time is waived to regain rank previously held and then lost.

Walking the Spiral post-chargen: All previous rank/renown is ignored. The new BSD gets rank 1 for surviving, but starts at zero renown and must earn their way to rank 2 from there.


In the books spirits witness your deeds when no one else is around, Galliards sing your praises, and you gain Renown as a direct result of your bravery, and general awesomeness. In tabletop, the Storyteller manages this. On a MU it's generally left to one's peers and those peers don't always give credit where credit is due.

Renown requests can be submitted with +renownreq.

See Also: +help +renownreq

The Curse

"Other animals, especially humans, can sense the predator that lurks just under a werewolf's skin. When a human.s Willpower is less than a werewolf's Rage, that human will avoid contact with the Garou if at all possible. He might cross the street to avoid 'that weirdo,' decide to hail a cab rather than sticking around, or even run in fear. Most humans have a Willpower score of between 2 and 4, so the Curse is no laughing matter. Humans aren't the only creatures affected by the Curse: wolves and other animals avoid the Garou whenever possible. This Curse makes normal relationships with humans and wolves very hard, and maintaining a family next to impossible." (W20 262)

  • Staff ruling for what is considered 'human' and 'animals' are plain, simple, vanilla, everyday mortals/animals with no supernatural powers at all.
  • Most PCs are not plain vanilla mortals. Most NPCs are, and they greatly outnumber PCs. (+rules in public)
  • Reaction is based on their Willpower compared to your permanent Rage. For NPCs, see '+rules npc willpower'.
  • Even if their Willpower is greater than or equal to your Rage, that doesn't mean they feel nothing. Rather, they're able to control that primal feeling and ignore its influence. You still make them instinctively think of a serial axe murderer, but they just chalk it up to a bad fashion choice on your part, or you reminding them of someone they don't like.
  • This should be roleplayed as a serious pain in the ass. Going to college is hard. Holding down a 9-to-5 job is hard. You scare people. When you say something like "Don't use my stapler" or "Where's the TPS cover sheet?", they see it as a threat. They may not confront you directly, but they'll complain to the boss, or do little things to hinder you or try to drive you away.
    • Exception: When you have kinfolk acting as a buffer between you and normal people.
    • Exception: When everything is handled online or over the phone.

The Delirium

"For over three thousand years, werewolves preyed on humans. Even though most humans have no idea that werewolves exist, some part of the collective unconscious remembers those millennia of terror. The Crinos hybrid form, an avatar of bloody death, incites a kind of madness in humans that Garou call the Delirium." (W20 262)

For typical reactions by Willpower, see W20 263. For Fera, see CB20 217.

  • Staff ruling for what is considered 'human' and 'animals' are plain, simple, vanilla, everyday mortals/animals with no supernatural powers at all. The following are immune to the Delirium:
    • All Shifters (Obviously)
    • All Mages
    • All Vampires
    • All Ghouls
    • All Hunters with numina
    • All Kinfolk
    • All Changelings
    • All Kinain

Totem / Jamak

  • Totem is limited to 10 dots per PC.
  • Allowing more than 5 PCs per pack is limited at staff discretion.
  • PCs may join a pack without buying Totem background.

Totem powers come from any combination of the following:

  • A specific totem named in a book (e.g. W20 371-377)
    • Pre-20th: Staff discretion
  • Construction kit (W20 140)
  • House rules (for packs, this section is limited to 10 points):
    • 1 point for +1 dice or -1 difficulty to an ability
    • 3 points for +1 dice or -1 difficulty to an attribute (may be reduced if the bonus only applies in a limited context)
    • 1 point for a miscellaneous improvement (e.g. faster running speed)
    • These only apply to one pack member at a time, unless points are also spent to allow multiple pack members to get bonuses in the same turn
    • Note: The totem's Rage/Gnosis/Willpower are only usable by the totem itself, not the pack members, unless something explicitly says otherwise
  • Personal totems are allowed (W20 140).
  • PCs may swap out a personal totem to join a pack, but cannot have both.

Fera may contribute to a pack totem.

Some fera breeds are limited (pack or personal)

  • Ananasi always have Queen Ananasa (CB20 62), except for Wyrm-tainted Antara who never do (BotWyrm 156)
  • Corax always have Raven (CB20 95), except for Wyrm-tainted Buzzards who never do (BotWyrm 159)
  • Gurahl always have Bear (CB20 114)
  • Construction kit and house-ruled additions are OK
  • Named totems are OK if appropriately themed
    • Bear (W20 374) for Gurahl has Background Cost 6 but does not affect their renown

Wyrm Taint

  • Sense Wyrm (W20 156) targets the nearby area, not one individual at a time
    • '+rules in public' and '+rules sniping' still apply
    • Pinpoint accuracy is limited to people within a couple yards
    • "…sensing a single fomor in the next room would be difficulty 6, while detecting the stench of a Bane that was in the room an hour ago would be difficulty 7."
  • Sense Wyrm also "doesn't necessarily sense dedication to the Wyrm, merely contact with its spiritual essence, which can cling to even blameless souls."
  • Vampires with Humanity 7+ do not smell of the Wyrm just for being vampires
    • Vampires with a Path of Enlightenment do smell of the Wyrm, regardless of path rating


"Yava: A tribal secret, hidden from all outsiders, that grants another being power over you if learned. The most tightly guarded of all Bastet lore, these are exposed only under the most extreme circumstances, if even then." (CB20 71)

Yava are not common knowledge. High levels of Lore Fera may include the knowledge that such secrets exist, but not what they are. Bastet are normally only taught them at the end of their First Year of cubhood (CB20 73).

If your character has somehow learned any specific Yava of a tribe without belonging to it, they must have a staff-approved +note explaining how and why they learned it. Just because a Yava was discovered by another group doesn't mean that all PCs in that group know it.