In addition to Seekings and XP, raising Arete is time-limited according to '+rules minimum time'. This does not apply to a character who Awakens after chargen, as Awakening often "blasts a mage into sudden painful awareness" (M20 44).

Seekings can be RPed with staff, other PCs, or just OOCly described in broad strokes. This can occur before the minimum time has elapsed.

Avatar Storm

See Future Fates


See HouseRules-General - Pooling Backgrounds

Future Fates

  • Major national global news and technology match RL.
  • Chantries and alternate dimensions were damaged but not destroyed.
    • Some distant realms still require Stormwarden / Quantum Voyager.
    • Ascension Warrior and Hollow One betrayal are vague distant rumors.
    • Ravnos remain viable.
  • Technocratic paradigm dominates industrialized areas, including Philadelphia.
    • However, Traditions and Disparates remain viable.
    • Rogue Council and Sphinx are vague distant rumors.
    • Extent of Nephandic infiltration is unclear.


In order to pierce mental illusions/effects of any kind (such as Obfuscate, Chimerstry, Dementation, and unless otherwise specified in the rules) a Mage must:

  • Have activated a Mind 2 defensive effect beforehand.
  • Roll Perception+Awareness vs 7 against the power's dice pool vs 7.
    • When the effect doesn't have dice pool, roll <Level of power/gift/item>+Subterfuge vs 7.
    • Ties are in favor of the illusion/effect.
    • The mage must be actively searching to pierce an effect/illusion or detect an invisible person. (See: +rules sniping)

Time 2 past-sight is only as clear and reliable as the ST wants it to be. (M20 522)

Optional rules:

  • Anything in the main book not listed here is probably OK, but the player wishing to benefit must bring it up; the ST is not obligated to pro-actively offer it.
  • Resonance is used as a narrative and roleplaying device. We do not use any specific game mechanics for Resonance or Synergy.
  • Well-Skilled Craftsman (M20 279) is not used.
  • Differential Backgrounds (M20 302): Each PC has only one level per background, but it may be allocated to multiple areas (e.g. Influence 5, 3 in media and 2 in politics).
  • Minimum Driving Skill (M20 459): See '+rules drive'.
  • Increased Paradox and Constant Bleeding (M20 550) are not used.
  • Rising out of Quiet (M20 556): Difficulty is Quiet + 5.
  • Advantages (M20 658) are currently not used, but may be opened up in the future.

Mage Items

Wonders have a dot rating and a point rating.

  • Example: Bulletproof Hoodie (M20 654) is 3 dots and 6 points.
  • The Wonder's dot rating is generally not the same as the dot rating of the background supporting it.
  • For '+rules magical items', the item's level is its dot rating.
  • Point rating is (dot rating * 3) if not otherwise specified (e.g. fetishes).

PCs with the Wonder background (M20 328) get 3 points of items (M20 651-663) per background dot.

PCs with the Requisitions background (M20 321) get 5 points of items per background dot, subject to returning them in good condition between missions.

PCs with the Enhancement background (M20 312) get 3 points of items per background dot, exempt from '+rules magical items'. They must have a +note specifying one of the following three types:


  • Each background dot gives 3 points of cybernetic Devices (M20 655-660).
    • Also includes Physical Structure Enhancement (M20 661) at 3 points per +1.
  • Technocratic cyborgs can include Primium Countermeasures (M20 659).
  • Each background dot gives 1 permanent Paradox.
    • For non-Technocratic cyborgs (M20 659), each background dot also gives 1 Genetic Flaw (M20 648, 651).
  • If a Life attack gets past countermagick, it does +2 levels of agg.
  • 3+ dot Devices require Skeletal Enhancement (M20 659), otherwise user takes 1 level of agg per use.


  • Each background dot gives 3 points of organic Devices (M20 660-661).
    • Also includes cybernetic Devices that say they can be purchased as biomods.
    • Also includes Physical Structure Enhancement, but cannot raise Intelligence.
  • Each background dot gives 1 permanent Paradox and 1 Genetic Flaw.


  • Physical Structure Enhancement (M20 313, 661): Each background dot gives +1 to one of Str/Dex/Sta/App/Per/Int/health. This can raise attributes as high as 8.
  • Each background dot gives 1 Genetic Flaw.

Mage Rituals

This refers to mage effects cast using extended rolls.

  • Rituals may be cast either slowly or quickly.
    • Slowly: Each Arete roll takes anywhere from minutes to weeks. (M20 541)
    • Quickly: Each Arete roll after the first is +1 difficulty, cumulative. (M20 503, 537)
  • Failed/botched rolls accumulate penalties as usual. (M20 503)
  • Number of Arete rolls is limited to permanent Willpower + Arete (M20 540).
  • Working for more than (Stamina) hours requires Stamina rolls (M20 541):
    • First roll is same difficulty as the ritual.
    • Successful roll allows one more hour of work.
    • Each additional Stamina roll is +1 difficulty, cumulative.
  • For acting in concert (M20 542), each participant follows this process individually (even if they're not actually rolling Arete) to determine how long they can keep participating.
  • If the ritual is disrupted by an outside force, roll Willpower vs 8 to avoid botching the whole thing. A second disruption automatically does so. (M20 540)


  • Nodes produce 1 Quint and 1 Tass per dot per week. Quintessence gained via meditation does count against this limit. (M20 320)
  • Every 3 dots of Node provides -1 difficulty for casting magick near there.
  • Quintessence cannot be stockpiled, except by transferring it into an object (creating Tass) or mage or periapt. Tass may be stockpiled up to three months.
  • Creating or increasing the power of a node requires Prime 5, in addition to buying the background.
  • Finding a node just requires buying the background, but it won't be right next door to your existing building. (Erecting a new building around it is fine.)
  • Large nodes (4+) are subject to staff discretion. A mage's Node background may correspond to two or more smaller nodes, but they won't be right next door to each other; consider how much territory you can reliably defend.


See HouseRules-Vampire - Hunters