Francisco Lachowski
Name: Harper Gailen
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: November 11th, 1999
Age: 17
Race: Mage
Faction: Traditions
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Affinity Sphere: Life
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Portrayed by: Francisco Lachowski

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RP Hooks

Local - Harper was born and raised right here in Philadelphia. His family has been a part of the fabric of this city dating back to the 1700s. His grandfather, and his great-great-great-granfather were both locally known Order of Hermes Mages. People may have known them if they are old. Grouchy bastards.

Mage - He is the first member of his 'proud lineage' to not be a member of House Bonisagus. In fact, he is a member of the Ecstatics…and damn proud of it! He has been Awakened since 2015, but has already learned much.

Student - He attends a local private school, though he is often getting in trouble for his free-wheeling lifestyle. He only manages to stay in due to donations from his family.

Hedonist - He dabbles a bit with drugs, but most of his hedonism comes from physical pleasure. Whether alone or with others, the young Ecstatic is constantly working to breach or barriers when it comes to sex and sexuality. He is predominantly straight, however.