Levinbolt Baroness
Name: Fiona Tarrongill ni Dougal
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Arcadia
Age: Midtwenties (apparent)
Race: Changeling
Faction: Seelie
Kith: Sidhe (Arcadian)
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: None

Baroness Fiona Tarrongill ni Dougal - Tarron to her friends - is the current Baroness of the Levinbolt Emporium located in what the mundanes term southern Philadelphia. Like all Sidhe, she tends to stand out - both in terms of her beauty as well as her rather singular personality.

Putting it simply, she's a bit of a geek by Sidhe standards. She's got an intense fascination with just about all things mechanical, especially when it comes to firearms and anything capable of flight. Most days she spends a great deal more time tinkering than doing any actual ruling; if she's not at her Freehold, she's usually either captaining her airship (which she has yet to bother giving an actual name) in the Dreaming or raiding some hardware store or another in the mundane world.

For all her exuberance and excitement, she can at times come across as a bit rude; this mainly stems from her complete lack of patience when it comes to pretending to be interested in something or someone she finds to be dull. If you're boring her, she'll typically either let you know or simply wander off to find something more entertaining to pass her time with.

Though her exact capabilities are unclear, she is known to be one of the finest sharpshooters the Dreaming has ever known, and she has demonstrated clear mastery of Skycraft, Wayfare, Legerdemain and Chronos.


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