Surtur's Bellows
No RL Burn Victims were used in the selection of this photo.
Name: Fiero Larsen
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico
Age: Indeterminate(20s?)
Race: Garou
Faction: Gaian
Breed: Metis
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Auspice: Godi
Camp: The Fangs of Garm
Occupation: Blacksmith
Portrayed by: No RL Burn Victims were used in the selection of this photo.

This bulky fellow is an unfortunate looking man, his brow is heavy and his hair is sparse, having been clearly burned away in patches and replaced with scar tissue. Fiero's face is a patchwork of gnarled flesh that belies some evidence of youth in its stitched together design. Long lank brown hair hangs around his features slightly obscuring his dull meaty gaze and slitted ruin of a nose. Cloudy hazel eyes the color of bruised pears have had the skin stretched around them in an unnatural manner.

He has an imposing stature and his form is solidly built with thick limbs and a broad muscular chest. The flesh on his hands and forearms bear the same burned appearance as his face; in truth the burns cover seventy five percent of his body.

Fiero tends to dress in a wide fitting 3/4 sleeve dingy red shirt that would not look out of place in the middle ages thanks to the overall design and unfinished edges. A length of brown loose leather binding sits at the center of the shirt's collar. The twisted burned skin of his chest grows no hair but the deformed flesh can be seen at certain angles. A three pocket dark leather half-apron marred with soot is worn over ancient blue jeans. Oddly, Fiero's hands have no nails but the pattern of destroyed flesh encompassing that area suggests the reason.
(App: 1 - 6').


RP Hooks

  • Scavenger Blacksmith - It is not unusual for Fiero to seek out his supplies in junk yards and similar places of abandon.
  • Hideous Curmudgeon - Get Battle Godi with a bright outlook on life despite hardships and the unpolished etiquette of a young Metis.
  • Burned - "That must have been one hell of a fire…"


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