Emma Rutherford
Holland Roden
Name: Emma
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Philly, PA
Age: 26
Race: Kinfolk (Fianna)
Faction: Gaian
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Holland Roden

Ian - My dad. I've always been closer to him than my mother, but he didn't up and abandon me like she did. He adores me, indulges me.

David - Works for my dad doing.. I don't know really, but I know he is sent out to protect me a lot. He's a good guy, a really good guy.

Elle - New acquaintance, she's got some sort of story to tell, I'm interested in hearing it.


RP Hooks

  • Currently on the City Council
  • Formerly worked for the Senator
  • Fianna Kinfolk
  • Country Club member
  • Lived in Philly most of her life, born/raised.
  • Attended Columbia Uni.
  • Fame 2
  • Pure Breed 5
  • Resources 5