First Light Strikes The Sky
Patty Monroe
Name: Amahle “Emily” Kruger
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
Age: Early-Twenties
Race: Mokole
Faction: Gaian
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Shining (Night-Sun)
Stream: Mkole-mbembe
Varna: Piasa
Rank: 1 (Hatchling)
Portrayed by: Patty Monroe

She was born as another Mokole in the long line of the clutch overseen by Winter Cannot Conquer Him, a cavalier who didn't see why a bit of snow and ice should dissuade the saurianfolk from living the "American Dream" in good old Detroit. Even if the Rust Belt grews ever rustier, the children of Dragon persisted. Amahle (meaning 'the ancestors are here' became Emily, because folks just could not pronounce it), was born to kinfolk of a South African father and a local born mother. She was a pertinent child who insisted on having her nose crammed where it didn't belong and it just grew worse when she got older and dreamed her true self. It wasn't just her nature, it was her calling given to her by Sun and Moon thanks to her nighttime auspice. Her people endured her tricks and questions and investigated the girl's deep connection with the Memory and some said the girl'd make a fine Wanderer in time. But her fascination with the Garou whom she felt a connection with (both being born of the moon) was not tolerated like the rest of her shenanigans. When she insisted on going on a foray to investigate and said that it was imperative that all of Gaia's children work together, the other Mokole raged. Her clutch told her that if she gets in trouble with the much-reviled ratdogs than it was on her head. She could come back when she grew some sense, but until then she was on her own. And just like that, Emily found herself quickly shown the proverbial door.


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