Elle "Glacial Rage" Tanner
Kiersey Clemons
Name: "Elle" Tanner
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Philadelphia
Age: Late Teens
Race: Gurahl
Faction: Gaian
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Ice Stalkers
Auspice: Uzmati
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Kiersey Clemons

RP Hooks

  • Fame - Elle was a child prodigy who was all over the news for her work in ecological conservation. She may not have revolutionized the field but she found evidence of pollution the experts missed using a kid's chemistry set and a homemade testing kit. She is still hoping to get city officials to listen.
  • Eco-Terrorist - Elle may be looking at less than legal means of crippling companies dumping in the rivers and woodlands as well.
  • Homeless - This girl is bumbling around the streets looking for answers. People get put through walls if she gets testy. Want to teach her some street smarts or have another kind of run-in?
  • Gurahl Warrior - A proud warrior of the Ice Stalkers, Elle is viciously strong, even her human form. She will fight to protect that which she perceives as good and right.