Goth Tailor
Name: D'Arcy Felony
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Lansdale, Philadelphia
Age: 18
Race: Mage
Faction: Disparates
Craft: Hollow Ones
Affinity Sphere: Spirit
Paradigm: Road To Oblivion
Style: Gutter Magick, High Ritual, Witchcraft
None: N/A
Portrayed by: None

Born and raised in Lansdale, a very bad part of Phillie, D'Arcy can be expected to have had a rough childhood…and he did. Also, of course he was not born and named D'Arcy Felony. Come on. What was his name? Who knows.

Either way, he ended up on the streets as a youth to avoid his issues at home. While struggling to survive on the streets of the city he Awoke, discovering his Magic. He originally used Gutter Magick, but once he was found and taken in by the powerful Hollow One, Chalice Felony. She pretty much raised him, and groomed him to join the Craft.

Eventually he started doing well designing and tailoring special request fashion in various Gothic subcultures, and made a healthy living at it. He also learned a lot, adding High Ritual and Witchcraft to his methodology.

A year ago his Mentor died horribly in a magical accident, and D'Arcy inherited her brownstone and Sanctum in the Old City of Philadelphia.


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