Crystal Visions is located in West Philadelphia at Walnut and 44th.

Here at the Crystal Visions, we aspire to offer the best of spiritual and metaphysical tools, books, and supplies catering to a myriad of religious and philosophical paths and aspirations. Our friendly staff is always willing to offer advice on almost any subject, and will take the time to listen and make sure that you get exactly what it is you're looking for, or, if you don't know what you're looking for, to find you exactly what you need to help accomplish your goals. Our staff covers a wide area of expertise and will always be available to help.

At times, Crystal Visions may also host small classes on subjects that may be found interesting from how to read Tarot cards, to basic herbal medicine, to even how to tend your altar.

Crystal Visions also serves as a meeting for open minded individuals during the Sabbats, offering a place for people to come and celebrate with like-minded people.

The owner, Faith Lynn Ward, may also be hired to do psychic readings that include tarot, runes, or tea leaves. If interested, she prefers one to call the shop to discuss a time to come by.

RP Hooks:

  • Paganism
  • Supplies
  • Classes
  • Sabbat festivals
  • Psychic Readings by Faith Lynn