For context, see W20 pages 115-118 and CB20 pages 181-186

  • Select Concept, Faction (Gaian or Wyrm), Breed, Aspect, Nature, Demeanor
  • Attributes: 7/5/3 (plus base 1 in each)
  • Abilities: 13/9/5 - nothing above 3 at this stage, that requires spending freebie points.
  • Backgrounds: 5
    • Allies, Ancestors, Pure Breed are restricted
    • Resources is restricted for Tunnel Runners, capped at 2 for others
  • Gifts: 1 breed, 1 aspect, 1 general
    • General: City Running, Cloak of Shadows, Darksight
  • Renown: 3 any
  • Rage: by aspect
  • Gnosis: by breed
  • Willpower: 3
  • Freebies: 15
Stat Freebies per additional dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Background 1
Gift 7*
Rage 1
Gnosis 2
Willpower 1

* Level 1 only


Breed Gnosis Gifts
Homid 1 "Cooking (gift)", Odious Aroma (Eau de Rat), "Persuasion (gift)"
Metis 3 Cloak of Shadows, Mother's Touch (Rat Mother's Touch), Sense Wyrm
Rodens 5 Balance (Absolute Balance), Hare's Leap (Leap of the Kangaroo Rat), "Survival (gift)"


Aspect Rage Gifts Other
Tunnel Runner 1 "Danger Sense (gift)", Silent Running Resources is restricted
Shadow Seer 2 Mother's Touch (Rat Mother's Touch), Sense Weaver free Spirit Speech
Knife Skulker 3 Sticky Paws, Truth of Gaia free Contacts 3
Warrior (Blade Slave) 5 Resist Pain, Slicing Teeth free Rite of the Pain Dagger, Fetish 1 (Pain Dagger), +1 health level

Freak Aspect

Freak Aspect Rage Gifts Other
Engineers 2 Control Simple Machine, Trash Is Treasure
Plague Lords 3 Poison Food, Sniffle free Medicine 3
Munchmausen 4 "Persuasion (gift)", Liar's Craft (Tale Spinning) free Expression 3
Twitchers 5 Firebug, Primal Anger (Toxic Hate)