For context, see M20 pages 254-259

  • Select Concept, Faction, Tradition/Convention/Craft, Affinity Sphere, Essence, Resonance, Nature, Demeanor
  • Select focus
    • At least 1 paradigm (M20 568-571)
    • At least 1 practice (M20 573-586)
    • At least 7 instruments (M20 588-600); for mystics with Arete 3, one of them is optional (M20 567)
  • Attributes: 7/5/3 (plus base 1 in each)
  • Abilities: 13/9/5 - nothing above 3 at this stage, that requires spending freebie points.
  • Backgrounds: 7
    • Enhancement, Sanctum/Laboratory, and Totem cost double
    • Requisitions and Secret Weapons are limited to Technocrats
  • Spheres: 6, including at least 1 in Affinity Sphere
  • Arete: 1
  • Willpower: 5
  • Quintessence: = Avatar
  • Paradox: 0
  • Freebies: 15
Stat Freebies per additional dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Background 1
Sphere 7
Arete 4*
Willpower 1
Quintessence 1/4**

* Arete is limited to a total of 3 during chargen
** 1 freebie per 4 dots

IC questions that you should be able to answer: (M20 262-265)

  • How old are you?
  • Where and how were you raised?
  • When did you notice you were… different?
  • Who have your important friends been?
  • What were you brought up to believe?
  • How did you first encounter magick?
  • Do you have a sense of destiny?
  • How do your beliefs determine your focus?
  • How did you meet your mentor(s)?
  • How did you join your faction?
  • How'd you meet your current associates?
  • How do you see your Avatar and the relationship between you both?
  • How do you now deal with the mundane world?

OOC questions that you should be able to answer: (M20 265)

  • What do you, the player, want to play?
  • How do you see your character growing as the chronicle goes on?
  • How is this character an aspect of your real-world self?


  • Common paradigms by Tradition: M20 148-165
  • New Tradition flavors: M20 145-146
Tradition Old name Affinity Sphere
Akashayana Akashic Brotherhood Mind or Life
Celestial Chorus (same) Prime, Forces, or Spirit
Chakravanti Euthanatos Entropy, Life, or Spirit
Kha'vadi Dreamspeakers Spirit, Forces, Life, or Matter
Mercurial Elite Virtual Adepts Correspondence/Data or Forces
Order of Hermes (same) Forces (some Houses favor Life, Matter,
Mind, or Spirit as secondary pursuits)
Sahajiya Cult of Ecstasy Time, Life, or Mind
Society of Ether Sons of Ether Matter, Forces, or Prime
Verbenae Verbena Life or Forces


Common paradigms by Convention: M20 186-195

Convention Affinity Sphere
Iteration X Forces, Matter, or Time
New World Order Mind or Correspondence/Data
Progenitors Life (Entropy and/or Mind are often secondary)
Syndicate Entropy, Mind, or Primal Utility
Void Engineers Dimensional Science, Correspondence, or Forces


Common paradigms by Craft: M20 202-223

Craft Affinity Sphere
Ahl-i-Batin Correspondence or Mind
(cannot learn Entropy at all)
Bata'a Spirit or Life
Children of Knowledge Matter, or sometimes
Forces, Prime, or Entropy
Hollow Ones any
Kopa Loei any*
Ngoma Life, Mind, Prime, or Spirit
Orphans any
Sisters of Hippolyta Life or Mind
Taftani Forces, Matter, Prime, or Spirit
Templar Knights Forces, Life, Mind, or Prime
Wu Lung Spirit, Forces, Matter, or Life

* Don't ICly think of things in terms of spheres, but still follow normal game mechanics