For context, see W20 pages 380-382

  • Select Concept, Faction (Gaian or Wyrm), Nature, Demeanor, Tribe, Breed, relation
  • Attributes: 6/4/3 (plus base 1 in each)
  • Abilities: 11/7/4 - nothing above 3 at this stage, that requires spending freebie points.
  • Backgrounds: 5
  • Gifts: none in chargen, level 1 available with XP and some restrictions
  • Willpower: 3
  • Freebies: 21
Stat Freebies per additional dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Background 1
Willpower 1


Tribe Backgrounds
Black Furies
Bone Gnawers Pure Breed restricted; Resources capped at 3
Children of Gaia
Get of Fenris
Glass Walkers Pure Breed, Mentor restricted
Red Talons Resources, human Allies/Contacts restricted
Shadow Lords Mentor restricted
Silent Striders Resources capped at 3
Silver Fangs Pure Breed 1+ required
Stargazers Resources capped at 3
Wendigo Resources capped at 3