For context, see W20 pages 115-118 and CB20 pages 49-51

  • Select Concept, Faction (Gaian or Wyrm), Breed, Aspect, Nature, Demeanor
  • Attributes: 7/5/3 (plus base 1 in each)
  • Abilities: 13/9/5 - nothing above 3 at this stage, that requires spending freebie points.
  • Backgrounds: 5
    • High Pure Breed is uncommon
  • Gifts: 1 breed, 1 aspect, 1 general
    • General: Eye of the Hunter, Feral Grin, Wolf at the Door (Gift of Terror), Infectious Laughter, Primal Anger, Sense Prey
  • Renown: 3 any
  • Rage: by aspect
  • Gnosis: by aspect
  • Willpower: 3
  • Freebies: 15
Stat Freebies per additional dot
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Background 1
Gift 7*
Rage 1
Gnosis 2
Willpower 1

* Level 1 only


Breed Gifts
Homid Apecraft's Blessings, City Running, Master of Fire, "Persuasion (gift)", Smell of Man
Metis Create Element, Primal Anger, Rat Head, Sense Wyrm, Shed
Hyaenid Hare's Leap, Heightened Senses, Predator's Arsenal, Prey Mind, Sense Prey


Aspect Rage Gnosis Gifts
Dawn 5 1 Beat of the Heart-Drum, Finishing Blow, Lightning Reflexes, Pack Tactics, Razor Claws
Midnight 3 3 Beast Speech, Burning the Vision, Mindspeak, Perfect Recall, Tears of the Heavens
Dusk 1 5 Blur of the Milky Eye, Fatal Flaw, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water, Whispers in the Grass