A household encompasses a group of changelings who all live together in a freehold and serve the noble lord there as vassals or retainers. Households exist under the feudal system imposed by the Resurgent sidhe. They align themselves with the noble hierarchy and are the backbone of the Kingdom of Concordia and its subject kingdoms. Each household displays the coat of arms of its lord or lady, who must hold at least the rank of knight. Most such rulers are of baron or greater rank.

Groups of commoners form motleys rather than households. Many commoner motleys live outside the feudal paradigm, and some actively oppose the nobles' rule. Offering an alternative to a ruling lord who controls everything about his household, motleys often have an elected leader or switch off so all have a say so in what they do.

Local baronies

  • PCs taking over a NPC-run barony may adjust any/all details
  • NPCs are Arcadian Sidhe except as noted
Holding Location Ruler
Barony of Shadow's Heart West and Northwest Philadelphia
(Silver Dragon Casino)
Rhiannon ni Eiluned, Wilder Seelie
Barony of Mechanical Blossoms Northeast Philadelphia
(Alternative Dreams Comics and Games)
Baleacor ap Ailil, Wilder Troll
Barony of Celestial Lions North and East Philadelphia
(Lynnewood Hall)
Henry Howard ap Fiona, Wilder Seelie
Barony of the Levinbolt Emporium South Philadelphia
(Bolt of Lightning statue)
Fiona Tarrongill ni Dougal*, Wilder Seelie


County and on up

  • NPCs
Holding Location Ruler
County of Violet Fields Philadelphia
(Please Touch Museum, Shadow's Heart)
Heather Casey ni Dougal, Wilder Seelie
Duchy of Liberty's Heart Pennsylvania
(St. Clair Beach Campground near Pittsburgh)
Traci Allenion ni Gwydion, Grump Unseelie
Kingdom of Apples New England and upper Mid-Atlantic
(Caer Palisades, New York state)
Queen Mab ni Fiona, Grump Seelie
Kingdom of Concordia North America
(Tara Nar, New York state)
High King David Ardry ap Gwydion, Grump Seelie

Other counties within the duchy

  • Not necessarily exhaustive
  • Also NPCs
Holding Location Ruler
County of Hickory Rose Lancaster
(Stevens and Smith Historic Site,
Lancaster County Convention Center)
Louis Wilkins, affiliated with House Beaumayn,
Eshu, Grump Seelie
County of Appalachian Steel Pittsburgh
(Carnegie Mellon University)
Krystal Woods ni Scathach,
Autumn Sidhe, Wilder Seelie

Changeling Locations of Note

Holding Location Ruler
The White Hart South Philadelphia - Vine and 6th Bishop Kelly (Tandris Eloy ap Daireann), Autumn Sidhe, Wilder Seelie.
U-Bahn Location TBD Nowell Bowmann (Sir Avery Gwenael Perrin Noel ap Beaumayn), Arcadian Sidhe, Wilder Seelie.