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This is the barony held by Lord Baleacor ap Ailil.


Ascension Freehold

With entrance located at __, blah blah blah blah blah.

Fief of: Baleacor ap Ailil
Glamour Produced:
Court Affiliation:
House Affiliation: Ailil
Chimerical Defenders:
Chimerical Attendants:

Barony Positions


Locations on the Ship

The elevator will take you to the following places located on the ship:

  • Cargo Hold
  • Training Deck
  • Reception Hall
  • Landing Deck

Mechanical Dragonflies

No one knows exactly where the dragonflies come from, but they can be found hovering in the air around the ship, darting in and out. They are each unique, delicate chimera, no two alike.


Mundane Places of Interest

Daydreams Entertainment Club

Located in Northeast Philadelphia at Cottman and Rowland, Daydreams is an upscale entertainment club. It offers daily performances between 2pm and 2am, featuring stunningly attractive entertainers more commonly referred to as The Jewels. VIP access provides special privileges up in the VIP Suites, including private dances and fantasy fulfillment entertainment. Security is very tight, and the establishment is known for not allowing illegal Drugs of any kind within.


Petals is a full service florist shop located at Holme and Roosevelt in Northeast Philadelphia.
Currently not on grid.

The Blue Duck

Located at Holme and Roosevelt in a strip mall near Holme Circle.

Established in 2014, The Blue Duck prides itself in crafting delicious dishes that offer a playful twist on traditional classics. And that, most importantly, taste incredible.

Oak Haven

Info to come.

NPCs of the Barony