Endless Storm Refugee
Remi Alade Chester
Name: Ayo Emem
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Addis Ababa
Age: 16
Race: Ajaba
Faction: Gaian
Breed: Homid
Aspect: Dawn
Demeanor: Activist
Lives In: Germantown
Rite Name: Bites-With-Broken-Jaw
Portrayed by: Remi Alade Chester

Ayo was born in Addis Ababa, as the third born child of Talib 'Throats-The-World', a proud and high-ranking Midnight Ajaba. However, Black Tooth and his Endless Storm butchered him, along with his whole pack, when Ayo was only eight. He witnessed his father choked to death by a Simba in front of his very eyes, before he was chased through the fields. He only survived because his elder sister fought off the Simba chasing him.

Fleeing both the Endless Storm, and a Fallen family member, Ayo's mother took him and his siblings to America, where they settled in the predominantly African Germantown. They have scraped by since, though Ayo went through his First Change a year ago, and has been doing what he can to support the family and breed, while also continuing his duty to Gaia. It is not easy.


RP Hooks

Ethiopian - He is from Addis Ababa, in Ethiopia. He lived there until he was eight, when his mother took their whole family and fled to America to flee the ongoing genocide of their people, the Ajaba. He is very good with English, but he and his whole family speak Ethiopian as their first language.

Endless Storm - The Endless Storm is a pride of Simba, along with their other allies (Everything from other Shifters to Banes, Vampires, and so many other horrific things). They rule Africa with their leader, Black Tooth, and they have since the early 80s. They led a massive genocide on Ajaba, along with both their Homid and Hyena kin.

Refugees - Germantown, in Phillie, has a lot of immigrants from Africa. A handful of them (Ten discovered by him so far, but seeking more) are Ajaba kin. He has taken them under his wing, protecting them as best he can.

Ajaba - Ayo is Ajaba…one of the 'Choosers of the Slain'. The vast majority of the horrible info about them, from being scavengers to being Wyrm creatures…are horribly inaccurate. They ruled Africa for millenia, culling the humans and animals as was their duty under Gaia. They fell into internal infighting, and Blackt Tooth, much like Hitler with the Jews, used them as scapegoats.

School - Ayo might have Calm Heart and is able to maintain control of his Rage well, but he still has a lot of Rage. He made people at his school so uncomfortable that eventually he had to drop out. He is 16 currently, and dropped out of school his sophomore year.

Dawn - He is a Dawn Aspect, meaning he is a warrior and leader. Usually this was a job of the females, however the genocide has caused more of the genders to change has opposing Aspects.

Renown - Always looking for excuses to gain Ferocity, Cunning or Obligation!