Casting summary


Art + Realm vs 8

  • Use full rating, regardless of which level you're using
  • Multiple primary realms (Actor, Fae, Nature, Prop): Use lowest rating
  • Scene and Time don't modify number of dice, just difficulty
  • Wyrd cantrip costs 1 Glamour (no other benefit)
  • Each realm where you don't have the normally-required level costs 1 Glamour (no other benefit)
  • Can't spend Glamour to skip bunk or reduce difficulty
  • If you botch, gain a Nightmare Die
Circumstance Difficulty
Target has Banality 8+ +1
Location has Banality 8+ +1
Using Scene Realm +1
Using Time Realm +1
Target is a non-consenting changeling with higher Title +1
Voluntarily replacing at least 3 dice with Nightmare Dice -1
Location is a freehold -1
Target is an enchanted mortal or Kinain -1
Using a bunk (examples: page 195) -1 to -5
Using Kith's affinity Realm -1


Gain a Nightmare Die, then Glamour + Nightmare Dice vs 7

  • If you botch, gain a Nightmare Die and an Imbalance


Level Power Type
1 Creeping Shadows Depends on overtness
2 Autumn Eyes Chimerical
3 The Poisoned Apple Wyrd
4 The Withering Wyrd
5 Shivers Chimerical


Level Power Type
1 Trick of the Light Chimerical
2 Veiled Eyes Depends on target
3 Dream Logic Chimerical
4 Veiled Mind Either
5 Lost in the Mists Either


Level Power Type
1 Backward Glance Chimerical
2 Effect and Cause Wyrd
3 Set in Stone Wyrd
4 Deja Vu Wyrd
5 Time Dilation Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Done Deal Chimerical
2 Liar's Bell Chimerical
3 Castigate Chimerical
4 Casual Contract Chimerical
5 Sanctified Words Chimerical

Dragon's Ire

Level Power Type
1 Burning Thew Chimerical
2 Confounding Coils Chimerical
3 Dragonscales Chimerical
4 Holly-Strike Wyrd
5 Tripping the Ire Chimerical


Level Power Type
1 Ensnare Depends on target
2 Mooch Chimerical if item is purely chimerical
3 Effigy Depends on target
4 Gimmix Wyrd
5 Smoke and Mirrors Either, chimerical illusions only visible to faesight


Level Power Type
1 Sparrows and Nightingales Either
2 Worms and Giants Wyrd
3 Thousandskins Wyrd
4 Beastskin Wyrd
5 Chimeric Exultation Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Between the Lines Chimerical
2 Nickname Wyrd
3 Saining Wyrd
4 Runic Imprint Wyrd
5 Reweaving Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Dream Walk Wyrd
2 Dream Craft Chimerical
3 Dream Portal Wyrd
4 Manifest Either
5 Dream Puppet Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Willow Whisper Chimerical
2 Eldritch Prime Wyrd
3 Oakenshield Wyrd
4 Elder-Form Wyrd
5 Dance of the Five Kings Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Kindle Wyrd
2 Illuminate Either
3 Purify Wyrd
4 Engulf Wyrd
5 Phoenix Song Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Howling Gale Wyrd
2 Electric Gremlins Chimerical
3 Hurricane Speed Wyrd
4 Storm Shroud Wyrd
5 Lord of Levin Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Omen Chimerical
2 Seer's Wisp Chimerical
3 Tattletale Chimerical
4 Augury Chimerical
5 Fate Fire Chimerical


Level Power Type
1 Protocol Wyrd
2 Grandeur Wyrd
3 Guest List Wyrd
4 Dictum Wyrd
5 Geas Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Awaken Depends on target
2 Verdant Reclamation Wyrd
3 Well of Life Wyrd
4 Faerie Ring Wyrd
5 Renewal Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Flicker-Flies Chimerical
2 Enkindle Chimerical
3 Aphrodisia Chimerical
4 Vesta's Blessing Wyrd
5 The Beltane Blade Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Hopscotch Wyrd
2 Quicksilver Wyrd
3 Portal Passage Wyrd
4 Wind Runner Wyrd
5 Flicker Flash Wyrd


Level Power Type
1 Chill Wyrd
2 Hardened Heart Chimerical
3 Terror of the Long Night Chimerical
4 Sculpt Wyrd
5 Stasis Wyrd

Hsien arts (Wu Tan)

  • Di Tan (earth)
  • Hou Tan (fire)
  • Lin Tan (wood)
  • Tieh Tan (metal)
  • Shui Tan (water)
  • Nei Tan (Daoist internal alchemy)