Emma Stone
Name: Jody David
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Boston
Age: Mid-20s
Race: Kinain (Satyr)
Faction: Unseelie
Occupation: Manager at Petals
Aliases: Ruby (dancer), Amaryllis (escort)
None: N/A
None: N/A
None: N/A
Portrayed by: Emma Stone

Hair of darkest auburn with highlights of brighter red and gold frames a face strikingly beautiful. Her face contains high cheekbones, a freckled nose that tilts upwards at the end, and full, rosy lips. Narrow, slightly arched eyebrows lie above lovely green eyes fringed by lashes several shades darker than her brows. Her skin is pure ivory with just the faintest hint of roses to cheeks and perhaps a dusting of a few freckles here and there. Tall, yet curvy in all the right ways, is this woman, moving with a certain grace.

She is usually dressed in the finest of fashion, whether she wears something casual or a cocktail dress. She'd fit in with almost any crowd, whether she's hanging out at the university, or arriving to a dinner party with a friend.

OOC Notes:

  • App 4
  • Seduction 2
  • Sex Appeal Merit: You put it down to your looks and charm, but the dark truth is you have a dangerous, and perhaps unconscious, level of control over your pheromones. Your sexiness and sensuality attracts lovers to you like moths to a flame. You are the irresistible center of attention at any gathering. All rolls where sexual attraction matters have the difficulty reduced by three. This Merit cannot be used to seduce someone lacking a baseline of sexual attraction to the character.

RP Hooks

  • Petals: Seems she does some sort of work at this florist shop in town.
  • Daydreams: You might find Amaryllis hanging out around this club.
  • Other Clubs: Amaryllis enjoys going out and discovering new places to party at.